Monday, May 23, 2011

Follow Up: Celebrity Apprentice

I did not watch the tv on celebrity apprentice last night but i did watch
on the internet tv with no cc (closed captioning).

The winner goes to.....John Rich (congratulation)..Best success to you!

Donald Trump, pfft! I thought both of contestants doing good partners
but  one person won is a hearing person, No wonder! DUH


DeafBison33 said...

Don't you think you're bit of "reverse" audist? John did not won because he is hearing. Some people think Marlee Matlin was robbed just because John screw up the timing with the band showing up for his event but he did pull it off by signing his song til the band show up. After carefully thinking about it, I saw my friend posted in facebook that she think the key is the charity. She is right. It makes sense. Because of economy, we need to focus on American economy so we need to give money inside USA, rather than to other countries. Plus, deaf children from other countries may not be continue using hearing aid later on because they cannot afford batteries to replace or they just decided they dont want to hear. It may not be only reason so we're open to discussion. But pls don't play "because he is hearing card, duh!" card because YOU ASSUMED with reverse audism.

mochame said...

Well, audist is not on dictionary that i could not find it. Could you pinpoint where the audist come from?
To be honest, I might bit of reverse audist..Who knows?

To me, that Donald Trump did not want both fired so he know that both are link weak on that game, not about money.From what i seen the internet somewhere said that if marlee matlin won, these group of celebrity apprentice would protest against her, that mean they are audism of her hearing impaired Plus they do not understand her sign language which is too bad for them.

True that American Economy badly need to save itself, not to give million of billions dollars to different countries.

Audism seem has started, it is new word for it since few years.

Welcome to discussion here!

DeafBison33 said...

Tom Humphries invented "audism" in 1975. It is not new word in few years.

mochame said...

Yeah, Tom Humphries does mention of audism..

I support 50% of audism But for other %50 i don't get why audism not getting by stand strong for deaf community. I don't mean to ignore them who support 100% as unity for deafhood for audism.

I hope you get it what i mean by that.