Monday, May 23, 2011

Tennessee Senate Passes "Don't Say Gay" Bill

Measure SB49 is to illegal to discuss any sexual behavior other than heterosexuality prior to the kindergarten through eight grade or ninth grade. To prevent anyone is bulling around the younger children in school.

good or bad idea?? uh-huh!

Tough, Think, Thought (Part 1)

Been tough for long while since I have not been around much But did THINK lot of many things to do whenever i should take easy or should ignore. Thought that been much lately since once more. Is that easy tough, think, thought? OR Is that hard tough, think, thought? Do Tell, COME ON!

My writing is about all myself, not kind of confession yet!

I will write this dairy journal to keep me busy this will solve my stress out of fucking chest!

It will blow away, MAYBE! Time to write soon now!

Follow Up: Tornado And Mother Nature

My heart goes to State of Joplin, Missouri and other states But not only this one large monster top to destroy houses even people dead, Look at Japan (outside of US) had been on the worst earthquakes even in Haiti, and others hit everywhere on land and water too. Mother Nature sure been through many years even last thousand years or centuries, (whatever called it is)! Watch Out, when the mother nauture come to your homeland then Make sure you go hide where you know where to go and feel safe!

Unfortunately, Some people will die from the mother nature after all! Pay Respect to their family and friends, so and so.

Tornado Hits In Few States


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Tornado Pictures - Pictures

Joplin, Missouri and Minnesota

Follow Up: Celebrity Apprentice

I did not watch the tv on celebrity apprentice last night but i did watch
on the internet tv with no cc (closed captioning).

The winner goes to.....John Rich (congratulation)..Best success to you!

Donald Trump, pfft! I thought both of contestants doing good partners
but  one person won is a hearing person, No wonder! DUH