Thursday, June 9, 2011

Abc Family TV Show, "Switch At Birth"

June 6, 2011 Television pilot show "switch at birth" about one deaf family and other hearing family..I did not see that show due to my busy time, conflict interest which i don't watch the tv show that night..I don't know if it is good good show or lousy rating yet lately, I read the internet and tv ratings which seem to me that show is good rating then again I do not know if that is accurate information yet. If you want to see that show then SEE for yourself to watch the abc family tv show is good for any children, teenagers, family...It will show again on June 13, 2011 (monday)

marlee matlin Pictures, Images and Photos
Marlee Matlin will guest star in several episodes in it.
If you missed the abc family show then you can watch on YouTube from last week.

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