Monday, May 30, 2011

Italian Deaf People Protests At Italian Parliament, LIS (YES)

Kudos to Italian Deaf People, they marched to protest that the Italian parliament run as the government controlled, Let me use short ip for Italian parliament (fuck them off). IP insutled italian deaf people as monkey language which we don't appreciated while the ip think smart ass group of highly respectfully people to degraded their italian language, cultures, society so and on. Thank to Austin Andrews that spread his committment for italian people need their support from different countries as we, deaf american people and others. Austin Andrews make his to asked people to support them.
IP totally fucked up their shit corrupted nation like other countries included american system has it too. Italian deaf people do have their rights to protested due to their italian sign language that already recognized the italian sign language because of the italian system that has the human rights such as disabillities do have their rights, Therefore IP does not see that way, just put the bill passed (idiots, what hell they are doing?) they are the corrputed nation even other countries included our american system do have hell corrupted. (of course)! IP insulted their italian cherish sign language, (IP think they have power with damn pea brain), they degraded them as mimic, monkey, etc.OH PLZ don't ever said that words! I am filled with shocker (jaw dropped) while they said to italian deaf people with black HEART, no LOVE! IP intented to destroyed their language that beause of worthless language and people.

LMG for no (Lingustic Mimic Gesture) not that language the italian people used like that.
LIS for YES (Italian Sign Language) their unique, cherish language

Friday, May 27, 2011

Take A Poke At Hearing People That Who Been Fear Being (expression)

I born deaf, raised deaf all my life..(YOU shut up)! I am being so fucking tired of people say, You can't hear, huh?? (You better shut fuck up again)!

Life is good, Life is great, Everything so beautiful feeling. Me: I am HUMAN BEING! Don't stare me like that, Why you keep stare me? Was i look bad or ugly? duh?? Some people asked me dumb question like that because deaf is a ALIEN. (stupid fool). Pay Attention that We, Deaf People are real human being, not damn aliens! (shoo away, please) How can you hear the most beautiful music? Shut fuck up again! Can you talk? Damn you! Can you read my lips? (so what?) HANDS are mine, my 10 hands can sign language more than over  millions of sign language everything can communication each other. You don't know how to sign language so LEARN sign language then You will understand what the deaf people wants you learn how to sign, Not necessary asked them Can you read lips over over again? (IDIOTS)! Hearing people think we, deaf people are the zombies of death! STUPID FUCK! We, deaf people don't need the WHOLE PERFECTISM! Pay attention again, Look at retard movie stars, they think perfect everything like she/he look so beautiful bodies everytime they can buy the expensive plastic surgery for Big Ballon breasts also their faces must be perfection. (they are fools as glamours, riches, beautiful, powers and so on).

YOU DAMN WRONG, that how i feel about hearing people insulted intelligent toward deaf people, deaf cultures, deaf scene, so on. Hearing people have no remorseful still today and future, Therefore WE, deaf people still struggling and fighting our lives, our society! Don't put us down! Look fuck AGBELL to deaf communities. Where are their respect? NONE! AGBELL don't support deaf school, deaf charities, deaf society, deaf organizations, etc. Don't ever degraded us! (shoo away) Don't leave us our human being, GOD MADE US ALL

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Movie, "Colombiana"

Zoe Saldana is baddest, beautiful actress..I hope it will be very best movie of all time

Theater will make movie possible on 8/26/2011 between 9/2/2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

RE: Think, Tough, Through (Expression Feeling)

Tough (when i grew up so tough life): yes t-o-u-g-h so Seen (deaf''s eyes) I don't know when get done, maybe will last longer (not mean lifetime).Think of everything, everywhere, everyday entitled to different opinions. (I hope people can offer me any kind of input helps me to seen (deaf's visual), not by hear that deaf can't hear you at all). Well, Someone know or acknowledge about deaf people, deaf cultures, deaf language, so and so.
Value the deaf's way to make better life, better future.

What hell I am talking about? That My Fucking Expression Feeling

So Let's Roll Vibrant! (deaf's way)

RE: Tennessee Senate Passes The Bill

Senate Stacey Campfield (republican) sponsored the measure sb49, that law says it will prohibit teachers from discussing homosexuality in kindergarten through to ninth grade Also the legistation would forbid public school from teaching on homosexuality.

Tenn. Senate passed the bill then will move to the republican-controlled house in year of 2012. Senator Stacey Campfield intended that up to their children's parents because of not part of family life curriculum.

Well, Stacey Campfield should not practice what he preach! You can look at his website if you want to. (republican sucks)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Tennessee Senate Passes "Don't Say Gay" Bill

Measure SB49 is to illegal to discuss any sexual behavior other than heterosexuality prior to the kindergarten through eight grade or ninth grade. To prevent anyone is bulling around the younger children in school.

good or bad idea?? uh-huh!

Tough, Think, Thought (Part 1)

Been tough for long while since I have not been around much But did THINK lot of many things to do whenever i should take easy or should ignore. Thought that been much lately since once more. Is that easy tough, think, thought? OR Is that hard tough, think, thought? Do Tell, COME ON!

My writing is about all myself, not kind of confession yet!

I will write this dairy journal to keep me busy this will solve my stress out of fucking chest!

It will blow away, MAYBE! Time to write soon now!

Follow Up: Tornado And Mother Nature

My heart goes to State of Joplin, Missouri and other states But not only this one large monster top to destroy houses even people dead, Look at Japan (outside of US) had been on the worst earthquakes even in Haiti, and others hit everywhere on land and water too. Mother Nature sure been through many years even last thousand years or centuries, (whatever called it is)! Watch Out, when the mother nauture come to your homeland then Make sure you go hide where you know where to go and feel safe!

Unfortunately, Some people will die from the mother nature after all! Pay Respect to their family and friends, so and so.

Tornado Hits In Few States


Click here to getImages  &
Tornado Pictures - Pictures

Joplin, Missouri and Minnesota

Follow Up: Celebrity Apprentice

I did not watch the tv on celebrity apprentice last night but i did watch
on the internet tv with no cc (closed captioning).

The winner goes to.....John Rich (congratulation)..Best success to you!

Donald Trump, pfft! I thought both of contestants doing good partners
but  one person won is a hearing person, No wonder! DUH

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Celebrity Apprentice W/Donald Trump (Marlee Matlin)

My strong feeling that Both of going to win together than one person that could not possible to win If marlee is going to win, How can she get grab attention from other people that run the world business or corporation?

Both will win, Guess what? Let's find out!

I Am Back, Been Long While!

I want to write this here!

I guess i am boring now so Why not i do it this writing here? I wanna to write to let everybody around the world that i am here in blog-sphere. (not namely where i live, not necessary) ha! I been absent my blogger since almost a year that passed by, Therefore I did check it out my blogger for once a while, that depend what i had my time to check it out!

I hope you would like to check my blogger often as you like to!

Respectfully Yours!