Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Some Few Interpreter Did On Purpose, I Don't Give A Damn About It

Interpreter did make mistakes but still denied, denied...They should admit their mistakes for not respect their deaf cultures, They are responsible for biggest mistake are costly, embarrassing even disastrous which they are distraction hearing people think high above than better deaf people, cultures, etc. BETTER STOP THAT FOOL!
They overpowered because they not protected ASL so Prove me DAMN RIGHT! Therefore they don't have that fuck luxury skilled interpreter.. DEAF Society, DEAF Cultures are belong to sign languages than hearing or others don't know shit any sign languages Also They had no fucking business when few are awkward or sloppy use of ASL, SHAME ON YOU FOR DAMN DIRTY BUSINESS! If you want to learn sign language with good fluently, YOU WILL LOVE IT! Interpreter know that ASL is most recognition of deaf's own sign languages and their value to communication to all deaf people. You want to being an interpreter in future so LEARN FLUENTLY BETTER!

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