Saturday, July 2, 2011

AGB, Authoritarian Based On One Man's Power

Alexander Graham Bell was crooks and Liars, Based on his not-honestly business.
AGB was the golden rule, He has the gold make the rules that Because of based on one man's dirty business to make him laughing all the way to his banks. Now yesteryear and today's future always the exception to golden rule, How? Look at his history of AGB's running more than 7 corporation business make him richer and more richer that still at way to top moneymaker in America even in the world.
This is why we, deaf community bitching about AGB not support ASL (American Sign Language), Also AGB insulted to belittle to deaf community as underprivileged And AGB's death still as "Happy Rich Man." He stole other invention name was Elisha Gray.

Visual OR Talking Mouth, Baby First?

Which one's winning? It is Visual First..Don't Get Me Wrong!

Talking Mouth is second, (ha)!