Friday, May 27, 2011

Take A Poke At Hearing People That Who Been Fear Being (expression)

I born deaf, raised deaf all my life..(YOU shut up)! I am being so fucking tired of people say, You can't hear, huh?? (You better shut fuck up again)!

Life is good, Life is great, Everything so beautiful feeling. Me: I am HUMAN BEING! Don't stare me like that, Why you keep stare me? Was i look bad or ugly? duh?? Some people asked me dumb question like that because deaf is a ALIEN. (stupid fool). Pay Attention that We, Deaf People are real human being, not damn aliens! (shoo away, please) How can you hear the most beautiful music? Shut fuck up again! Can you talk? Damn you! Can you read my lips? (so what?) HANDS are mine, my 10 hands can sign language more than over  millions of sign language everything can communication each other. You don't know how to sign language so LEARN sign language then You will understand what the deaf people wants you learn how to sign, Not necessary asked them Can you read lips over over again? (IDIOTS)! Hearing people think we, deaf people are the zombies of death! STUPID FUCK! We, deaf people don't need the WHOLE PERFECTISM! Pay attention again, Look at retard movie stars, they think perfect everything like she/he look so beautiful bodies everytime they can buy the expensive plastic surgery for Big Ballon breasts also their faces must be perfection. (they are fools as glamours, riches, beautiful, powers and so on).

YOU DAMN WRONG, that how i feel about hearing people insulted intelligent toward deaf people, deaf cultures, deaf scene, so on. Hearing people have no remorseful still today and future, Therefore WE, deaf people still struggling and fighting our lives, our society! Don't put us down! Look fuck AGBELL to deaf communities. Where are their respect? NONE! AGBELL don't support deaf school, deaf charities, deaf society, deaf organizations, etc. Don't ever degraded us! (shoo away) Don't leave us our human being, GOD MADE US ALL