Monday, June 27, 2011

ReSpEcT FoR DeAf

For Americans; Corporations; All People include (hearing people)

Talk Cheap: YES

Their idealism of respect has been talked cheap more than over 200 fuck years! Of Course such as ETHICS & SOCIAL that supposed to be RESPECT. These Companies says "Courteous", Peoples says "Courteous", Americans says "Courteous"..Fucking that shit! They have no respect to DEAF PEOPLE even their society.

Courteous means to respect for another to other people (each others)!
We, deaf people always courteous to others, YES!

Look at Corporations and Peoples tended that says COURTEOUS. (HA)! They are violated it for many over damn years. They should be RESPECT to deaf people at their workplace or homes, business, etc. Damn two-faced peoples who says Courteous is very important yet still over power that is the violated codes many times over. We, deaf people not fighting the battles so hard BUT we hope one day in future will win the victory, We don't need to being loser or lost the battle. They tend don't get what the deaf individual has good skills at anything they can do it by themselves. All that corporation and peoples are damn egoism and fucking attitudes BECAUSE of their superior (whatever that is it)!

Deaf People has their own character, knowledge, intellect, abilities, manner like other hearing people BUT that Physical Hearing: DEAF can't hear..They do not give them any damn about it.

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